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Hey Assbutt!!

"When you cry upon a pillow, or tears run down your cheek, it's just an emotion overflowing-not a sign of being weak!"

I am Sam. Sam I am.

Hey, and welcome to my journal!

I am currently 20 and in my third year of college, but taking a year off. I want to be an English teacher overseas (TESOL), and my goal is to teach in Japan. When this will actually happen, I don't know, but I hope it's not a long ways away. My home life is not one that I am proud of, and this is where I try and get away from all of the problems that reside there, because even though I'm 4 hours away, everything doesn't go away and still affects me. I treat this journal as just that, a journal. I will put things that I like, that make me mad, that make me laugh, and if it happens to be a picture, then so be it. I will post anything from videos to weird facts to a single picture that inspired me. I do post about real life, sometimes it can be really deep, and sometimes it's addressed to a person who cannot see it, and hopefully it will stay that way. I play the piano, it is also something that I go to to forget about things, which does not happen often here at college, I love drawing and photography. You can see the rest of the things that I like in my interests.

Now onto shows. The shows or fandoms that I have stayed with and are my favorite are Supernatural, Queer As Folk (US), Smallville, Merlin, Bones and Harry Potter. I also really like The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy and House. Shows that I have recently got into (and 2 I have hated before hand) are The Vampire Diaries, Glee and Hellcats. The ones that I talk/post about are mostly Supernatural, Queer As Folk, Glee and Harry Potter though. The shows I was into a long time ago were Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and probably a few more that I have forgotten. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean, and has been since 2003, so you can guess that I really love Johnny Depp.

If we have a few things in common, send me a message in the post containing the 'Friends Only' banner, saying what we have in common and that you would like to be friends. I love making friends, and you can never have too many. Have a nice day! :)

Jensen Ackles

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